Sharing the good things in life, one story at a time. Yeeeaaabuddddy!

We know what it’s like to give or receive a gift when your heart’s not in it, and we don’t like that feeling. That’s why we started yeabuddy, an online gift shop that puts meaning back into gift-giving. After all, a gift should be something special. Something memorable.

But finding the right gift these days? Jeesh - good luck! There's heaps of junk out there. That's where yeabuddy steps in - we scour the globe for interesting things, inspiring stories and dedicated creators and put the best finds on our store for you. No stress. No filler. Just great gifts and awesome stories that create better experiences.

Who are we?

A small team from all over the globe with a common interest in inspired and inspiring products that tell a story. Whether it's design, sustainability, cultural artefacts, or the arts, it's all baked into our handpicked product list.