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The Shasta cooler bag fits 12 beers, 2 bottles of rosé, and keeps them cool all day.


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What's cool about this?

Rolls up into a little pouch when you don't need it and fits 16L of stuff when you do.
Keeps cold stuff cold and warm stuff warm (not at the same time though).
Waterproof and ultra-portable
Monti's story
Keeping drinks cool shouldn't be such a mission.
You'd be hard pressed to carry a cooler box to the park, let alone in an Uber or on a flight. There's no such issue with the Monti cooler, though. Fold it into a small pouch, and voila! Cold bevvies at the beach, cold bevvies at the park, cold bevvies in the community pool...whatever floats your boat. And don’t need worry about any leaks either - The Monti Cooler is handmade and totally waterproof.
Science: "Insulation works both ways."
Whether you want to keep the cool in and the warm out or the other way around, this is the low maintenance, no-questions-asked solution. It just gets the job done. All you have to figure out is where you'll have your picnic.

The Monti cooler is the most portable cooler out there. And it looks great.

About the creator
The only good thing ever to come out of warm beers.
Sam, the man behind Monti Coolers, is a fly fishing guide from the state of Georgia. His love for nature took him into the Wyoming wilderness. Before heading out on the trail for a spot of fishing, Sam and his buddies realised that they had to leave their cooler behind. The cooler matched their ambition to get a nice buzz on but not their goal to trek through the wilderness. So they left it behind. Result? Warm brewskies and sad faces. In response to this debacle, Sam created the Monti Cooler. A light cooler with a simple design that you can take anywhere, fill with a whole bunch of stuff, and throw into your cargo-shorts-pocket when you're done. Cargo shorts sold separately.