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A double-layered terracotta pot that allows your plants to nourish themselves, putting an end to daily watering.


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What's cool about this?

One fill equals two weeks of watering.
Feeds plants gradually through capillary attraction, like in nature.
Clean, elegant design and materials.
Wet Pot's story
Rest easy, your plant babies are healthy
We’ve all been there. A vacation, or a crazy work week and you forget to water your green friends. What was once a flourishing fern becomes a dull skeleton, propped against a windowpane. Worse yet - a loved one gave you this plant. Now it's wilted and sad. What you and your plants need is a Wet Pot. A full Wet Pot gives your plants 2 weeks of H20. And there's no tech at play here, just natural laws that regulate water supply outdoors. Science!
One less thing to think about
Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon, book in hand and tea on the table. The verdant leaves of a plant lap up rays through the living room window. Think of how much you would appreciate the fact that you can rest easy, knowing that old Annie Aspidastras and Mannie Monstera are taken care of - they're sitting pretty in Wet Pots. That's more time to focus on the things you like to do and less time having mini heart attacks because you forgot to pick up a watering jug. Little victories.

For the recovering plant murderer in all of us

About the creator
A life at IKEA and a ceramics boss
Wet Pot Systems is a family thing. Lasse Svedenstedt retired from IKEA after decades with the company and teamed up with Nils Plöjel, a long-time ceramicist, to develop the Wet Pot. Lasse's family helps him get this awesome product from their native Stockholm, out into the world. With design and family at its core, you can rest assured that the Wet Pot comes from the right place, for the right reasons.