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Catch zzzs anywhere with this portable, durable hammock and created by fun-loving Aussies who can't keep themselves out of the woods. Colour? Peacock!


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What's cool about this

Pack and unpack at a moment's notice.
Climbing rope tree attachments and carabiners included.
Durable material means you'll be lounging into your twilight years.
Ghost Outdoor's story
Another cool Australian thing from a pouch
We've all been there: a summer's day, an impulsive rush to the park and...where do you sit? Well, Ghost Outdoors have got you - the days of grass-stained pants are over! Carabiners sturdy enough for climbing, make this gem of swingy-lounge tech easy to set up. You just need some trees, lamp posts or very strong friends, in a pinch. However you choose to hang it, you'll be the envy of every floor-hugger in the vicinity.
Hanging out together, anywhere.
Now, we don't care much for rocking chairs - they're clunky and don't fit on the tube (don't try). We much prefer the humble hammock - favoured lounging apparatus of ancient Athenian politicians and drunken sailors throughout history. They're said to improve sleep, reduce stress and make you look cool as hell. Don't take our word for it - hop into one of these big slings and see just how quickly you put your bed up for sale.

A portable hammock that is as easy to set up as it is to pack up.

About the creator
Lazy, stylish Aussies
Ghost Outdoors came into being when its Australian co-founders planned a quick trip into the wilderness in the US. Only one problem: they couldn't find any high-quality outdoor gear at a good price point. They created Ghost Outdoors to fill that void, for them and for you.