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NAGI Kyoto - Japanese Organic Tea & Coffee Mix
NAGI Kyoto - Japanese Organic Tea & Coffee Mix
NAGI Kyoto - Japanese Organic Tea & Coffee Mix
NAGI Kyoto - Japanese Organic Tea & Coffee Mix
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A collective of tea masters and coffee lovers from Kyoto have created a unique blend of two of the world's most beloved hot drinks.


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What's cool about this?

Built on a thousand-year tradition of Uji tea.
It took two years to develop the only coffee bean designed to mix perfectly with green tea.
Third-generation tea masters and certified coffee roasters created the blend.
NAGI Kyoto's story
A new brew from Kyoto
It's easy to miss the new artisanal outlets among Kyoto's 2000+ temples. In one of these stores, a team of masters is using their knowledge of green tea and coffee beans to bring to life an unorthodox but delicious idea - the Tea x Coffee blend. Centuries of combined experience have taught them how to identify and brew the finest Uji tea, a hallmark of Japanese culture. The pairing of this old-world skill with Japan's growing coffee culture inspired the team to create a new beverage, which can't be found anywhere else.
Ideal Tea Leaves and Special Coffee
The experts at NAGI Kyoto describe a process which uses all of the senses, not only taste and smell, to select the ideal tea leaves and coffee beans for the blend. If leaves feel too dry to the touch or if beans doesn't bear the right colour, they don't make the cut. Every aspect of the 2 ingredients in this drink has been considered to ensure a perfectly balanced taste profile. Once finished, the blend is packaged inside an airtight envelope which, when opened, presents a convenient drip bag for maximum flavour and ease of use. In the box, you'll find an assortment of tea and coffee mixtures: roasted green tea with coffee, green tea with coffee, and a caffeine-free barley tea with coffee. All of the tea is organic, as are the carefully-selected coffee beans, which were painstakingly sourced from a specific grower in Mexico for their depth of flavour.

Drink up! Enjoy the taste of this distinctive Japanese creation.

About the creator
A team striving to help you enjoy the present
In Japanese, the word 'nagi' describes the moment when the wind changes direction from the mountains to the sea. Everything is calm. Everything is stable. The team at NAGI Kyoto wants to capture this feeling within each of their products. They do this by reimagining Kyoto’s two thousand year-old history in the context of its present-day reality. This fusion led them on a two year journey around the world to develop Kyocha coffee, a bean that is specially grown and roasted to bring out the best of Uji green tea leaves. We love a bold new idea, especially when it tastes this good.