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Everything you need to brew delicious iced tea in your fridge, minus the tea.


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What's cool about this?

The simplest way to get into brewing your own iced tea.
Works with any kind of tea: green, black, herbal. Any.
Safe materials - made entirely from food-grade silicon and glass
JELLO's story
Here's a cool idea for a tasty zero-calorie beverage
Take your favourite tea, throw it into the JELLO cold brew infuser, put it in your fridge overnight and wake up to the most mind-blowingly refreshing iced tea, minus all the nasty stuff you'd get from the store-bought brew. Stir in some honey if you fancy a bit of sweetness and you're set. Fruity teas like rooibos or hibiscus work great. Blends work fantastically as well. Basically, if it's tea and you can fit it in the infuser. Beautiful!
The Yeabuddy fridge is the place-to-tea during summer and it couldn't be easier
JELLO comes with a silicone lid that you fill with tea before popping it onto the glass bottom. Unite the two compadres and stick them in the fridge and... that's it, you'll be sipping that good-good in no time. Once you're done, just rinse off the container and you're ready to go again. When it's warm out, we've got multiple brews on the go to satiate our thirst - caffeine-laden greens and blacks in the morning and more mellow reds and herbals in the afternoon. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

If you have tea leaves and hands, you can make delicious iced tea at home.

About the creator
Simple Lab Experience is picky about tea.
Zec, the company's founder, has worked through about 200 product ideas and passed on 180 of those. He knows good tea. His family has owned a tea farm for decades and he grew up in Zhejiang, a Chinese province known for the stuff. When it comes to product design, it's his inherent passion for tea that guide the decisions at Simple Lab Experience.