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High-performance 2L capacity waterproof toiletry case and three refillable bottles for the no-nonsense traveler.


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What's cool about this?

Refillable bottles take less space as you squeeze out the content.
Rolltop toiletry case expands or contracts to fit your needs.
High-tech materials that do the job, always.
Matador's story
Durability and performance are hitting the travel scene.
You might not be planning a trip to space anytime soon, but you may as well be an astronaut with this bag and bottles set built with an engineer's critical eye. “They don’t make ‘em like they use to” is what you'll say 20 years down the line, while staring fondly at your Matador gear. It’s rare that such quality and attention to detail make it into this kind of product, which is why we love them and why we think you will too.
A lot of people have developed a lot of stuff to keep your wets and drys separate
We couldn't tell you how it works, but it does. The bag keeps the liquids in while letting the moisture escape. Apparently it's the result of mixing 30D Cordura® ripstop nylon with Dry-Through™ technology. While we're at it - the rolltop closure is made of Hypalon® and the buckle is YKK®. Notice the abundance of ®s and ™s? That means this stuff works...and damn well, too.

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About the creator
Born in the mountains
In 2014, Chris Clearman founded Matador in Colorado, known for its proximity to beautiful trails and mountains. After a stint as a product designer at GoPro, Chris created Matador to be the leader in premium lightweight travel gear. After getting your hands on the Matador's toiletry case and bottles, you'll see Chris is well on his way to achieving his goal.