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What's in the box? A bundle of 25 cypress chopsticks hand-selected to make use of every spare piece of Japanese wood.


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What's cool about this?

Carve your own chopsticks from unfinished Japanese Cypress wood.
Embrace your inner Shinto monk - get zen!
Comes with a beautiful red hanko tenugui wrap, whittling knife, and cedar box.
Hamidashimono's story
A 500 year tradition
Sen Rikyū, founder of wabi-sabi and 16th century monk, carved chopsticks for his guests using wood from a town named Yoshino to make mealtime more sociable. Today, Yoshino's chopsticks are shipped to Tokyo while the leftover wood from manufacturing - Hamidashimono, in Japanese - is thrown away. That's why the company, Hamidashimono, came to be - to put every spare splinter to use. A box of Hamidashimono is an ode to sustainability and also to the foundations of Japanese culture and philosophy.
Get a load of this treasure chest
Within the handmade, red hanko-tenugui-wrapped box, stand 50 pieces of wood (that's 25 sets of chopsticks - maths), a Hiragano carving knife, traditional Okada Mafu sandpaper for smoothing out your new food-grabbers, and handmade paper Obi (belts or paper bands) to wrap the chopsticks for a picture-perfect finish. Are you even a Japanophile if you haven't carved your own chopsticks with a Hiragano penknife?

What’s more fun than a little whittle?

About the creator
A business created for a simple purpose
The project was given life by three determined designers: Jan Chipchase, James Gibson and Eko Hayashi. While doing research in Yoshino, Nara, the team was drawn to an unassuming building on the river's edge. They approached the owner, Kitamura-san, who agreed to begin working with them to put his leftover timber to use, after nearly half-century as the head of the bespoke chopstick factory. Together, the team at Hamidashimono sends a simple yet important message about the environment and culture: be respectful, be responsible, and connect with others who feel the same.