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Step out of your screen and into this diary, made from robust Japanese paper and a high-quality goat leather cover.


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What's cool about this?

Decades of design bring you quality and simplicity at their quintessence.
Gridded, no-bleed Japanese paper that you can swap out once full.
Goat leather cover from the highlands of Central Asia.
Midori's story
If you can't bear smooth, creamy paper under your fingertips, avert your gaze now.
But you haven't forgotten the glory of a blank sheet of paper, have you? You're a scribbler. A sometimes-artist. A one-day-designer. You have ideas and they deserve better than being hidden in your phone. Midori knows this, and they exist for people like you. That's why their paper is so damn good and why their covers last for generations. And it's why we love this diary.
Dedication to an ideal, the Japanese way
Without getting weird about it, this is paper that makes people say 'Mmmmm', and for good reason; milled with filtered river water, using hardwood pulp, Midori's sheets have a simple creamy beige colour and a pleasant, natural smell (which isn't an accident). Ink doesn't bleed through the sheets but it doesn't sit on the surface either. It gets sucked right up. The goat leather cover, sourced from the Central Asian highlands, protects your precious ideas, ageing with them each time you swap a full pad out for an empty one. So, the equilibrium of things is maintained in a most Japanese fashion.

Make a list. Tell a story. Draw special moments.
Keep them forever.

About the creator
In pursuit of an ideal, Midori found itself.
Midori Paper started in post-war Japan. The idea was simple: make quality paper, using the least complicated techniques possible. This ethos remains the same 70 years later. But over the decades, Midori Paper has grown into a company with a global following. Design has become a key part of their range and in the digital age, Midori's products offer refuge to the clouded mind and inspiration to the creative spirit.